Watchmen / HBO Watchmen

Eric, Paul, and our guest, Josh, discuss the Watchmen book, then watch HBO's Watchmen series

4 months ago

This week we cover: - Watchmen (3:13) - HBO's Watchmen (23:00)

Paul and Eric are joined by special guest, Josh, to discuss Watchmen by Alan Moore and Dave well as the first few episode's of HBO's Watchmen series. We will be doing a three part series on the HBO show. And along with that, next week we will begin breaking down Geoff Johns' Doomsday Clock as well. This week we break down several more particular details behind things, such how Ozymandias actually made "the squad", and we discuss the heroic qualities of Lube Man.

Every week our show reads and reviews comic book arcs and then reviews a comic book shows or comic book movie based on that same character. At the end we will rank them all! We cover DC Comics, Marvel comics, and everything in between. Our comic book podcast will have a rotating topic.

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